CMH Return to Play Plan 2020/2021 (Clearview Minor Hockey)

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Clearview Minor Hockey 

Return to Play Plan - FINAL


**Please note this is a working document and subject to change without notice. 


On behalf of the Clearview Minor Hockey (CMH) Return to Play Committee (RTPC), we would like to thank you for your patience as we navigated through the guidance documents set out by Hockey Canada (HC) and the Ontario Federation of Hockey (OHF) towards the creation of our Clearview Canucks Return to Play Plan (CCRTPP). 

The health and safety of our Canucks players, staff and families is of utmost importance to us while we developed this plan to safely return our players and coaching staff back to the ice. We worked in partnership with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) and the Township of Clearview, and have created an on-going relationship as we move forward through this challenging and evolving season. 

The Clearview Canucks Return to Play Plan was reviewed and approved by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) on October 5, 2020. 

Our goal for this season is for a fun, safe and rewarding season focusing on skill development and enhancing friendships. 

Below will outline details on how we anticipate the 2020/2021 season will look. Our RTPC will be reviewing this plan on the 15th of every month throughout the season to monitor guidance documents for changes and provide updates to our Clearview Executive and Canucks players, coaching staff and families. 


COVID19 & OMHA Stages of Return to Play


Throughout this process, we will continue to ensure our Clearview Canucks Return to Play Plan puts the safety of our players, staff and families first and foremost. Transition through the OMHA Stages of Return to Play will be based on the direction of the Government of Ontario, and consultation between the Township of Clearview and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. Your patience and understanding as we move through this season is greatly appreciated. 

Effective September 1, OHF & OMHA have placed return to play at Stage: 3b. Advancement forward through stages 3c to 3e will be done so at the approval and direction of OHF/OMHA. As we move forward through each stage we will strive to obtain the minimum requirements of each stage as we transition back to traditional hockey at Stage 4. Again, and we will say this a lot, a gentle reminder that this is an ever evolving plan based on a slow and safe movement towards regular traditional play. We will likely not see advancement to stage 4 by OHF/OMHA until a COVID-19 vaccine is available and/or the Ontario Emergency Order is withdrawn.


NOTE: From here in, reference to Coaching Staff refers to Head Coach and/or Team Trainer and/or Team Manager and/or Assistant Coach, unless otherwise stated.


The use of Session will refer to Clearview Canuck practices, games or other events in which the team or division comes together. 


Safety Protocols  

A record* of all participants (players and coaching staff) including name, phone number, date/time of the Session, must be maintained by the Coaching Staff. Once the Session is finished the record must be signed, completed by Team Trainer and/or Manager, then placed in the CMH closet in the corresponding division slot. 

The CMH Secretary will be responsible for the handling and storage of these participant logs for the 2020/2021 season and up to 2 years thereafter. The CMH Secretary, on a weekly basis, will place each division session log into a designated Clearview Canucks binder stored within the CMH closet. The binder(s) will be set up by division and month. Upon request, this information will be shared with the Township of Clearview and/or SMDHU, in the event there is a need for contact tracing due to a COVID-19 positive case.  

ALL participants - players and coaching staff, including CMH Executive attending any sessions, MUST complete a health screening* (pre-screening for Covid 19 symptoms or exposure) per the prescribed OHF Screening Form* prior to participation at each Session.  A record of the health screen is to be maintained by the team coaching staff. The health screen may be completed verbally and documented as such OR  completed with the use of technology and saved by the CMH Secretary. 

ANY participant who is not feeling well, exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 or has been exposed to COVID 19 will NOT be allowed to participate in any CMH session.  In such instances, the player and/or guardian must communicate this information to the team coaching staff.  The player will not be allowed to return until such time as Medical Clearance is obtained through a negative COVID 19 test and/or a quarantine period of 14 days, as directed by SMDHU - a medical note will be required before the player can return to the team session. 

*CMH is considering using the SportzHeadz system for screening and logging participant attendance at all CMH authorized sessions. This system, once ready, will be accessible for all players and coaching staff from the Clearview Minor Hockey website, as well as a mobile app. CMH Executive will be able to program the system through the MBSportsWeb control panel to filter out teams to the correct coaching staff. To our knowledge this system will log screens by all participants on the MBSportsWeb control panel. 

**Goalie equipment for U9/U11 (Novice/Atom); consider cleaning process with health unit for shared equipment with tracking log; organization to consider purchasing goalie equipment for these two divisions/leagues (1 set each), and if required assist with peewee division. Cleaning with Lysol Max spray and walk-away post play. 

Registration for 2020/2021 Season

  • Registration closed on September 15th
    • Addition of Juvenile division; registration opened Sept 20, closes Sept 27
  • Fees will be broken into 2 payments;

1. October to December 2020, 

2. January to March 2021. 

Once registration is confirmed by the CMH registrar, first payment will be required before the player steps on the ice. 

  • Player Registration includes Hockey Canada Insurance coverage (Available to organization once OMHA approves CCRTP plan).
  • Any registrations received after September 15 will be waitlisted until numbers for teams can be considered and established. 

Note: Any player(s) playing in leagues outside of the OMHA/OWHA is only allowed until Sept 30, if you are  still registered with a team outside the OMHA or OWHA you will no longer be eligible to play for any minor hockey system for the remainder of the season.

CMH Divisions


Players will be grouped by division (age group) to a maximum of 50 or less; as per the OHF/OMHA and Ontario Government set maximums. This number may change throughout the season. Coaching staff are not included in division maximum numbers. There will be NO rotating between divisions.


U5 - Jr Canucks

Cancelled for 2020/2021 Season

U7 - IP

Pending programming - to re-evaluate possibility of start later in season.

U9 - Novice

30 players - 2 teams of 7; 2 teams of 8

U11 - Atom

37 players - 3 teams of 9; 1 team of 10

U13 - Peewee

29 players - 3 teams of 7; 1 team of 8

U15 - Bantam

44 players - 4 teams of 9; 1 team of 8

U18 - Midget

34 players - 2 teams of 9; 2 teams of 8

U21 - Juvenile

17 players - 1 team 8; 1 team of 9

CMH Programming Model for 2020/2021 Season:


  • CMH Phase 1 - initial return to play will consists of 2 weeks of player conditioning and skill development, starting the week of October 11
  • Team placement will occur during these first 2 weeks, and team selection will be announced on the website the first weekend of November.

· Team rostering will be to a maximum of 9 players and 1 goalie. Players cannot be rostered to more than one team    at a time.

· Up to 5 coaching staff will be rostered per team; with one Coach and one Trainer only on the bench during 3v3        and 4v4 games in order to maintain physical distancing while on the bench

· Head Trainer/Head Coach to consider creating an at-large coaching staff rosters per division to maintain 50         maximum in each division. 

  • CMH Phase 2 - modified game play will commence the beginning of November (inner house league) 
  • Re-evaluation of this Plan will occur at minimum monthly throughout the season to monitor and adjust the plan as needed based on new information directed from OHF, OMHA and/or SMDHU (or bordering Health Units in which we have registered players). 

Coaching Staff & Player Participation:

  • Participation at any CMH Session (practice, fitness, meetings, etc.) is limited to 25 participants (players plus coaching staff). Such participation must strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines established by the Government, SMDHU, OHF Framework, and Clearview Township. It is understood that this is an evolving situation and guidelines/processes and requirements are subject to change on short notice.
  • Participation is strictly voluntary and will not impact a player’s ability to return at a later date.  
  • Zoom meetings to be set-up if possible for:
    • Coach Review of CCRTPP. Will have RTPC representation, Head Coach, Player Development and all division Coaches meet one-week prior to returning to the ice to review changes and expectations for CMH - Phase 1 return to play. Topics to discuss; entry/exit of arena, safety of players/coaches pre/post practices and safety reminders while on the ice.
    • A second Coaches meeting will be arranged before CMH Phase 2 – modified game play to review team and game play rules. 
    • Trainer Review of CCRTPP. Will have RTPC representation, Head Trainer and Vice President in attendance to review changes and expectations for CMH -Phase 1 return to play. Topics to discuss; health and safety, mandatory masks at all times, health screening, safe entrance/exit of the arena, safety on ice, etc.  


 Player/Team Placement:

A Try Out process for the 2020/21 has NOT been approved by the OHF at this time. During Stage 3b, there will be NO Traditional Representative Hockey Leagues and/or NO Team Tryouts. There will be NO additional player (AP) for the 2020/2021 season. 

  • Evaluation committee for team placement to consist of RTPC, Head Coach and Player Development. No coaching staff will have input into player placement to ensure team fairness.  
  • Teams will be posted on CMH website by November 15. 

Game Play

  • Following a five week development phase, a modified 3v3 / 4v4 game play with No Physical Contact hockey may begin the week of November 16. 
    • U7 (IP) 
      • **Pending season - evaluation to occur in November   
      • Shared practices will consist of 2 teams maximum together
      • 3v3 games on half ice; maximum 4 teams on ice at once
      • If ice maximum increases over 25 participants per session, then RTPC can consider half ice with a maximum of 4 teams on the ice and a neutral zone maintained as a bench area for opposite teams.   
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division, as well assist with ice set-up (soft or mini boards) 
    • U9 (Novice) 
      • Shared practices will consist of 2 teams maximum together
      • 3v3 games on half ice; maximum 2 teams on the ice at once
      • If ice maximum increases over 25 participants per session, then RTPC can consider half ice with a maximum of 4 teams on the ice and a neutral zone maintained as a bench area for opposite teams.   
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division, as well assist with ice set-up (soft or mini boards)
    • U11 (Atom)
      • Shared practices will consist of 2 teams maximum together
      • 3v3 games on half ice; maximum 4 teams on ice at once
      • If ice maximum increases over 25 participants per session, then RTPC can consider half ice with a maximum of 4 teams on the ice and a neutral zone maintained as a bench area for opposite teams.   
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division, as well assist with ice set-up (soft or mini boards)
    • U13 (PeeWee)
      • Shared practices will consist of 2 teams maximum together
      • 4v4 games on full ice; maximum 2 teams on ice at once
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division 
    • U15 (Bantam)
      • Shared practices will consist of 2 teams maximum together
      • 4v4 games on full ice; maximum 2 teams on ice at once
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division
    • U18(Midget)
      • Shared practices will consist of 2 teams maximum together
      • 4v4 games on full ice; maximum 2 teams on ice at once
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division
    • U21 (Juvenile) 
      • 4v4 games on full ice; maximum 2 teams on ice at once
      • Games to be scheduled back-to-back to keep teams within their division
  • All Game Play will be held within the local Health Unit boundaries. This is subject to change as OHF/OMHA moves through the stages of RTP. 
  • Registered officials:
    • Minimum of one registered official per game for U7 & U9 as half ice and/or cross ice
    • Minimum of two registered officials will be used for U13, U15, U18, and U21 as full ice games
    • Unless determined otherwise by the RTPC.

NOTE: Should CMH not have enough players registered for a division to create a league, OHF/OMHA permit two (or more) small Minor Hockey Associations (MHAs)within the same health unit, to partner and provide league programming due to small enrollment. The number of players in this league must not exceed 50.   

Facility Operation (as per partnership with Clearview Township)

Clearview Township Soft Opening/CMH Phase 1 RTP (October 13 to November 30)

During a Soft opening, the following measures will be in place:

The following is required to enter/exit any Facility involved in a Team Session.

  1. Only Players, Coaching Staff, and CMH Executive are allowed in the Facility. Masks MUST be worn when entering into and exiting the arena. 
  2. Team Sessions will be limited to 25 Participants including Team Staff.
  3. Team Trainer or Manager will be responsible to greet each player upon entering into the arena to ensure health screening is completed prior to entering, as well to complete session participation tracking form

i.        Parents and guardians must remain outside until the rental starts. It is encouraged that if a skater needs assistance from a parent that the coach or trainer cannot handle, they may come in to help, but once finished, go back outside until the rental start time. Masks must be worn at all times while in the arena.  Clearview Township is agreeable to provide tents (shelter) outside the main entrance for Coaching staff to assemble their team; ensure health screens are complete, prepare session attendance and ensure all players are fully dressed with masks on before entering into the facility. 

ii.        **doors will be locked at ice rental time - do not be late or entry will be denied. 

     4. There would be approximately a 15 to 30 minutes cleaning turnaround minimum between each session (chairs in the                     designated area will be disinfected after each Session by facility staff) and the lobby would be continuously cleaned for                 touch points, by Township Staff.

     5. Players/Coaching staff (and one parent per player if assistance is required) MUST wash their hands at the Sanitizing Station 
         upon entry/exit of the Facility.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based sanitizer if soap 
         and water are not available.

     6. Players/Coaching staff are to enter the Facility no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled Session time and must be 
         fully dressed except for skates, helmets and gloves. Desig
nated chairs will be available in the main lobby for
         players/coaches finishing dressing (skates, helmet and gloves). Please arrive wearing as much equipment as possible (use
         of skate guards is strongly encouraged).
There will be an identified Goaltender space for putting on protective gear in the
         main lobby. *Must come dressed minus skates, pads, uppers and gloves

      7.Face coverings/Masks must be worn prior to entering into the facility and must remain on until players/coaching staff put on 
For U7/U9 Coaching staff, it is highly encouraged/recommended that masks be worn while on the ice, given                     increased potential for face-to-face connect or inability to maintain safe distance for skill enhancement/development 

         a.  For U13 and above sessions, it is optional for the Coaching staff to wear masks while on-ice. If physical                                        distancing(of at least 2 metres) between player and coach cannot be maintained, then masks must be worn. 

              Players/Coaching staff are to physically distance at least 2 metres at all times on and off the ice, where possible.                           Chairs will be safely distanced by Township staff.

         - Drills, activities, exercises, etc. are to be limited to those that can be done with physical distancing. There is to be no                  prolonged or deliberate drills, activities, exercises, etc. that require physical contact among players (ie, battle drills, body              contact drills, scrimmages, exercises using a partner, etc.).  Incidental contact in the course of other drills is to be                        minimized by the players( concept of non contact hockey).

          b.    Any equipment used by players/coaching staff during the Session must be disinfected in between Sessions (i.e. pylons).

       8. Players/Coaching staff must not cough or sneeze without properly covering their face; avoid touching their face. Spitting               on the floor or ice is prohibited.

       9. Bench area will be CLOSED during player development & conditioning sessions, except for a player requiring medical                     attention. Trainers must practice medical guidelines when attending to a player. Both Trainer and Manager must wear                     masks during practice sessions. Player’s benches will be sanitized by Township staff prior to each rental during the flood. 

      10. Upon completion of the Session, players and coaching staff are to proceed immediately to the designated area to remove              skates, helmets and gloves and leave the Facility without loitering or interaction with the incoming players/coaching staff.              Social distancing of at least 2 metres is required upon leaving the Facility.

            There will be 2 designated areas for skates, helmets, gloves, one for the incoming players/coaching staff and one for the                outgoing players/coaching staff.

Change Rooms WILL NOT be available 

Washrooms will be open in the lobby, however access is limited to 1 Participant at a time and hand washing is required.

Water bottle filling station will NOT be available, it is strongly recommended that players/coaching staff bring their own water/drinks. NO sharing of Water Bottles or other types of Equipment that is physically touched by any player.  

Concession will be CLOSED 

Post Ice Session

  • Players are not allowed to undress out of their equipment inside the facility. 
  • Players must exit the facility as they entered (dressed in their equipment)
  • Please proceed out of the facility using the directional markings, and proceed to your vehicle 

The maximum of 50 people (including staff) are in the entire arena and lobby side of the building and that a minimum of 2 meters (6 feet) physical distancing is in place throughout the arena at all times, other than while on the ice surface.

Arena staff - Under provincial and public health COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, Department Staff are required to strictly control access to the building, monitor the number of patrons in each area, staff-controlled entrance and exit, and ensure no use of change rooms or reduced capacity of patrons allowed in a change room, no use of change room washrooms or showers, limited public washroom access, and limited or no use of spectator seating.

Spectators - NO spectators will be allowed during the first 1-2weeks back to hockey. The RTPC will be reviewing the opportunity to allow spectators with the township later in October.  


  1. The Association will post CCRTPPLan on the CMH website once the plan is approved by OMHA. A summary of the key points in the CCRTPPlan will be posted on CMH prior to October 13. 
  2.  The details of the Return to Hockey Plan is to be communicated to all players, parents through the Coaching staff at the player/parent meeting to be held by each division within the first few weeks of return to hockey. This may be done via Zoom. Participation of RTPC Member and/or Head Coach may be requested. All updates to the CCRTPP will be posted on CMH website as things change. 
  3. **To be considered with SportzHeadz program - A Return to Hockey Acknowledgement Form will be included into the on-line health screen and must be signed by all Players/Parents/Coaching Staff/Officials prior to participation in any CMH session. This will acknowledge their understanding of the CMH RTPP. **Example of Waiver
  4. The Head Coach of each Team is responsible for the adherence to this Plan at all times.  Non compliance by any player, parent or coaching staff may result in a suspension from further participation.
  5. The Return to Hockey Plan may be suspended at any time based on direction from governing bodies or the Association Executive due to concerns over transmission exposure to COVID 19.
  6.  Any suggestions, concerns or questions regarding the implementation of the Plan must be directed to a member of the CMH RTPC.


The CMH Return to Play Committee will be responsible for the overall management of the Return to Play Plan, with specific focus on communication with the players, parents, and OMHA.

The CMH Return to Play Committee will be responsible for monitoring updates from the OHF, OMHA, local Municipalities and the Public Health Unit. This committee, in addition, will oversee the implementation of this Plan as it relates to the Head Coaches and Trainers.

The CMH Secretary will be responsible for the development and implementation of all record keeping and reporting requirements regarding health screens and session attendance logs. They will work directly with the Head Coach and Head Trainer to ensure compliance of the requirements is maintained by the Coaching staff throughout the 2020/2021 season. 

Disclaimer: The information in this document is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Clearview Minor Hockey and its Members make no representation and assume no responsibility in respect of their information concerning COVID-19 as the circumstances are constantly changing, and any information on COVID-19 should be obtained from your local Public Health Unit. 




Appendix A: COVID-19 Education Resources Association/Teams must ensure that staff, coaches, skaters, parents, members and volunteers receive education on new safety and hygiene protocols within the association/team. Members should be sent Government-approved information on ways to limit the spread of COVID-19. 


The following links can be sent by the association/team to their members: 


Ontario Public Health Public Resources: conditions/infectious diseases/respiratory-diseases/novel-coronavirus/public-resources


Ministry of Health – Ontario: COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms: ms. pdf 


Ontario COVID-19 Online Self-assessment Tool Ontario Women’s Hockey Association


Five Practices for good Hygiene and Safety


Personal Hygiene: 

• Frequent and thorough hand-washing 

• Wear a non-medical mask 

• Do not shake hands or initiate personal contact 


Family Responsibilities: 

• Routine self-monitoring and daily screening within household 

• Anyone with symptoms must stay away from others 

• Returning travelers must self-isolate for 14 days


Environmental Hygiene 

• Conduct frequent cleaning of personal and shared equipment 

• Increase surface sanitation for high-touch areas • Use touchless technology where possible 


Social Interactions 

• Meet in small groups according to regional guidelines 

• Maintain safe distance (2m) between people 

• Meet outdoors where possible, or in large well-ventilated rooms. We are still under guidelines for only 10 people in our bubble. Your teammates and their parents, unless previously in your bubble of 10, must have a face mask on while around other teammates and parents.


Physical Modifications 

• Make adjustments to areas where people are gathered 

• Consideration and clear direction for the movement of people 

• Limit activities which may increase the likelihood of exposure 


Non-Medical Face Masks: It is mandatory for everyone entering the arena / facility to wear a non-medical exercise mask over their chin, mouth and nose whenever physical distancing cannot be followed. Masks can be removed by participants while engaging in any activity, providing physical distancing is practiced. Wearing a mask is not a suitable substitute for physical distancing, but can be used in combination with hand washing disinfectant and other good hygienic practices when physical distancing is not possible. 


Below are the regulations from Public Health. More can be found on their website at the end of this document. All of our regulation, in combination with provincial bodies and local bodies must be adhered to. No one will be allowed in the arena/facility without a face mask.

Topic                                                                            Tool

Hand Hygiene /media/documents/ncov/factsheet/factsheet-covid-19-handhygiene.pdf?la=en

Physical Distancing /media/documents/ncov/factsheet/factsheet-covid-19-guide-physicaldistancing.pdf?la=en How to self-monitor

How to self-monitor

When and How to Wear a Mask /media/documents/ncov/factsheet/factsheet-covid-19-how-to-wearmask.pdf?la=en

How to Self-Isolate

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