Bond Hour FAQs (Clearview Minor Hockey)

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Frequently Asked Questions- Bond Hours


Why do I have to work Bond Hours?

Bond hours are required to assist in keeping our costs low.  We depend on our members to volunteer a few hours each year in order to assist in our fundraising efforts and the running of the organization.

How are bond hours calculated?

Each season, once all families are registered and all events are confirmed, CMH calculates Bond requirements based on the # of families registered and the total  hours required to run the various events.

Can my children work the bond hours for me?

The minimum age that children can work bond is 16 yrs.

How do I sign up for bond hours?

Please visit  Current Bond Hour Opportunities page to choose the events and hours you wish to work. This page includes opportunities that are available to the whole organization. There will also be team specific opportunities available. Your team manager will be able to share those opportunities with you. 

I am planning on helping out with my son/daughter’s team, do I still have to work bond?

Only those that are on an approved roster will be granted bond. 

What if I need to change my scheduled bond hours?

It is up to you to find a replacement for your bond hours.  Once a replacement is found, you must contact the Bond Director (contact details can be found under Executive & Staff)

What events are included in bond?

All organization events will be posted under Current Opportunities. Many events run throughout the season, so there is plenty of opportunity to earn your hours.

Who approves my bond hours?

 CMH’s Bond Hour Director approves all bond hours. 

If my son’s/daughter’s coach asks me to help with and event or activity for the team, will this count towards bond hours?

No, not unless it has been approved by CMH’s Bond Hour Director.  Coaches cannot assign Bond Hours.