Release Policy (Clearview Minor Hockey)

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CMH Release Guidelines


CMHExecutive developed a guideline for addressing all future player release requests. The purpose of this guideline is to remove the emotional component from Executive Committee discussions on player release requests, thus providing fair, unbiased and transparent decisions. The Executive Committee has a responsibility to treat all members as equally and fairly as possible and feels that this new guideline will result in consistent decisions focused on the best interests of the entire Membership as we strive to grow as an Association.


Please note:  OMHA Rules and Regulations are included in the release guidelines.  Please refer to OMHA’s Manual of Operations for details.


Residency Restrictions are as follows:


1.     Within the Town limits

2.      Within 3km in any direction of the Town’s Center Point – usually the Main Post Office (Clearview Center Point - Mad River        Golf Course, 2008 Airport Rd, (Cty Rd 42) Creemore ON, L0M 1S0

3.     Boundary agreements that are in place with neighbouring centers will be respected for Residency restrictions

4.     Right of Choice applies to those that do not reside within the above