Canucks Battle for the Cup - Schedule and Rules (Clearview Minor Hockey)

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December 29 and 30, 2022.

Jamboree Rules and Regulations

This is an OMHA sanctioned Jamboree. OMHA and OHF rules apply.

1. By entering this Jamboree, the coach or manager, on behalf of their team, releases the Clearview Minor Hockey (CMH), the Clearview Jamboree Committee and all officials, referees, sponsors, volunteers, arena management and all concerned with the jamboree from any and all liability of injury or accident which may be incurred by any player or team official while participating in coming to or going from the tournament.

2. Suspension rules used for the tournament will be the same as found in the OMHA Manual of Operations. It is the offending team’s responsibility to ensure that all tournament suspensions and carry‐over suspensions are adhered to. Violations during the tournament will result in the forfeiture of the affected games.

3. The interpretation of all rules and regulations will be at the discretion of the Jamboree Committee and all decisions made by the Committee will be final. Absolutely no protests are permitted.

4. Roster size decisions are at the discretion of the CMHA Tournament Chair.

5. Each team should be able to carry two sets of jerseys (home and away). The designated ‘home’ team will wear light and the designated ‘away’ team will wear dark. In the event of a colour conflict, the designated ‘home’ team will change jerseys.

6. A member of the coaching staff must report to the Jamboree sign in table to complete a participant list 30 minutes prior to each game:
a. The participant’s list must include the name and number of each player, as well as all Team Officials who will be participating in that game.
b. Only those players and coaches on the team’s approved roster are eligible to participate.

7. Only carded persons are allowed on the bench.
a. Each OMHA team must have a carded trainer. If a team shows up without a trainer, they may request the use of the other on ice team's trainer.

8. As teams will be sharing dressing rooms, players are encouraged to arrive as dressed as possible to avoid change room loitering.

9. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of three games.
Game Format:
a. Games are played in a modified ice format (“Half Ice Modified for U9, Cross Ice for U7”).

b. A 3- minute warm up will be provided
c. There will be two 22-minute run-time periods; 44 minutes total.
d. Shift length will be on a timed buzzer, every two minutes. e. Face offs are used at the start of each game and each period only. f. 4V4 Format + goaltenders (U9) (optional goalie for U7; fifth player can simply guard net)
g. No scores, standings, or statistics will be recorded.
h. Penalties – see #14 below
i. On buzzer player leaves puck where it is and goes to bench
j. 2 games (I.e., 4 teams) will be on ice at the same time

10. One (1) rostered and approved Team Official must be on the ice surface during each game for U7. U9 will have referees.

11. The lightweight (4 oz) blue puck will be used for all games for U7; black puck for U9

12. Boards/dividers will be used to divide the ice surface.

13. Regulation size nets or small nets will be used based on availability

14. Penalties, offside, icings: No offside or icings will be called for U7 & U9. Penalties will not be called for U7. Penalties will be called for U9. If a player receives a penalty, team is not penalized however the player must miss their next shift.

15. There are NO time-outs, playoff rounds, overtime periods, or shootouts.

16. Teams are expected to be ready to go on the ice 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.

a. Failure to do so may result in shortened game lengths to maintain the Jamboree’s set schedule.

17. The Tournament Chair reserves the right to adjust game times to maintain the Jamboree schedule.

18. Parents and guests are the responsibility of the team. Inappropriate parent or guest behaviour towards the competing team, any children, officials, coaches, arena staff, Jamboree staff, OMHA staff and/or other parents will result in the expulsion of the team from the tournament.


 Complimentary lunch provided for players and coaches.
 Please remind spectators to bring cash. There is no ATM onsite.
 Canteen will be open 9am-5pm.
 U7 Jamboree December 29 2022, U9 Jamboree December 30 2022